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Universal Tracfone Promo Code?

Hi everyone, we’ve come across a code that appears to be a “universal” Tracfone promo code.  It should get you various amounts of bonus minutes depending upon the value of the card you are activating.  Double Minutes for Life always makes things better, of course.

The code: 77578

Here is what we know so far:

  • 60 Minute Card = 30 or 40 bonus minutes
  • 90 Minute Card = 90 bonus minutes!
  • 200 Minute Card = 100 bonus minutes

Let us know if this works for any other card denominations.  Thanks and have fun!

Hmmm… we’ve had 1 recent report of this NOT working for 90 minute cards.  So YMMV.


150 Minutes on a 60-Minute Card

This code will get you a total of 150 for a 60-minute card when you’ve got Double Minutes for Life.  Here is how it breaks down:

30 min bonus (60 card + 60 DMFL + 30 = 150 minutes)

Here is the promo code goodness!  23497

New Promo Code for May – 80 Bonus Minutes

Here is a new code for May 2011 that we just received.  It will apparently net you 80 bonus minutes when you activate a 200 minute Tracfone card.  Short and sweet.  Have fun!

The code: 81898

40 Bonus Minutes Promo Code

Just wanted to note that a lot of Tracfone Club readers have been reporting great success with the following code that will net you 40 bonus minutes on a 60-minute Tracfone card.  It still works as of today!


“Worked today on a 60-minute card.  Got 60 for DFML and 40 Bonus Minutes. For a total of 160 minutes and 90 days service!”

Has anyone tried Ooma telephone service?

A friend of mine just bought Ooma for their land line and so far he says it is great.  Apparently you only have to pay something like $200 to get up and running and then your monthly bill is only about $3/month.  They are sort of the Tracfone for VOIP land lines.

Here is some information I found about Ooma:

You might want to consider trying Ooma!

Buy an Ooma Telo and get crystal-clear unlimited free U.S. calling with your Internet connection and existing home phone. You pay only applicable taxes and fees. Unlimited calls are subject to normal residential usage limitations.

Ooma has a number of awesome VoIP phones to choose from.  Check these out:

April and May 2011 are great months for Tracfone promo codes

Wow, there have been a lot of great Tracfone promo codes so far this Spring.  And they certainly aren’t done yet.  We’ve got a number of codes that are certified to work through April and May of 2011.  Just scroll down on our front page for the codes.  I don’t know about you guys, but every news item I’ve seen lately regarding Tracfone has been quite positive.  I love paying $10 a month when other people are paying $100.

Tracfone Targets Seniors

Wow… I just came across this.  Tracfone is targeting seniors with their Senior Value Cellphone.  It reminds me of the FireFly phone made for kids.  This one is basically just a regular phone, but with large numbers and limited functions.  It’s a really good idea, I think!

Check out this amusing video:


Please let us know if you have any experience with this phone, or would like to post your opinions about it.  Cheers!

April and May Promo Codes! 50 Bonus Minutes

TracFone Club reader Judy submitted some brand new Tracfone promo codes for April and May.

I’d tell you what they are, but I’ll just let her tell you!


Get 30 bonus minutes on 120 min card Promo Code 88827
50 bonus minutes on a 2oo min card – Promo Code 86290


20 bonus min on a 120 min card – Promo Code 81502
40 bonus min on a 200 min card – Promo Code 80033

More later. Enjoy..

Need some extra minutes? 40 Bonus!

Looking for a little more than a 60 minute car?  Well you are in luck because we’ve got code here that will get you 40 bonus minuted the 120 minute card that you are about to purchase.

Short and sweet: 85147

Have a great day!

A Rare Positive Magic Jack Review

A reader writes in with a very positive Magic Jack review.  Well at least there’s one happy customer!

I bought a Magic Jack from Wal-Mart, and hooked it up when I returned home. It installed its software in less than 1(one) minute, and then the setup screen popped up and asked me for the normal info that all companies ask for. I filled it out, entered my credit card number into my Magic Jack account, and then another screen popped up. This time they gave me the option to auto pick a number, choose one from a list, or pay a one time $10 fee to make a personalized number. I chose to choose mine from the list. I put in my area code, and it took me to another list. This second list allowed me to choose the first 3 digits of my number. I made my choice and it offered something really cool, it gave me the option to pick the last 4(four) digits myself for a one time fee of $3!

Thats a good deal to be able to have a simple easy to remember number for only $3 so I did it. Now I have a number that will be mine for the rest of my life that is easy to remember (my last 4 digit pattern is like this but this is only an example 6226)

I have been using my Magic Jack for a few months now and I have not had any problems with it. It has a convenient software that looks similar to a cell phone that has a caller ID and a programmable phone book. The coolest feature though is that you don’t even need to have a phone plugged into the jack, if you have a laptop that has speakers and a Mic you can talk through that just as if you were using a speaker phone.

$43 bought me 1(one) whole year of coast to coast service and an easy to remember number that will always belong to me. and all of my contacts are automatically backed up on the net. So if I really wanted to I could take my Magic Jack to a friends house and use it on their computer and i wouldn’t need to worry because my numbers would show up on any computer that I plug the device into.

This is just my honest opinion but anyone that does not think this is an amazing product after hearing about all the features has to be a complete moron.

Magic Jack RULES!