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The 75 Dollar 1-Year Tracfone Deal is Back!

Once again, you can now purchase a 1 year Tracfone card for only $74.99 with free shipping!  That’s pretty much it.  Short and sweet.  Get the card and then get out and enjoy the Spring.

1-year TracFone card

Working Tracfone Codes Report for 2012

We have seen a lot of Tracfone promo code success so far in 2012.  Many of our readers have reported back with working codes and awesome deals.  Below, we have included a number of reports and code reviews that have been submitted by Tracfone users happy with the deals they have received.

We apologize for these being in random order, but there are just too many to sort through.  All of these reports have occurred within the month of February, 2012.

  • Code 77578 provided 100 bonus minutes when applied to a 200-minute card.  Many reports of success with this one.
  • Darleen reported using code 67861 with her LG800G with Triple Minutes for Life on a 60 minute card.  She walked away with 330 minutes.
  • Kristin reported receiving 200 bonus minutes using code 67861.  Not sure what kind of Tracfone card she used though.  Dang!
  • One user reported using promo code 66836 with a 120 minute card.  The code provided him with 180 bonus minutes!  He ended up with a total of 300 minutes for $30.  Now that is a good deal.
  • Actually, now that we look, we have received multiple reports of code 66836 working with 120 minute cards to provide a total of 300 minutes.  This is a hot deal.
  • We have receive multiple reports of promo code 67861 providing double minutes on a 60 minute card.  This is an excellent deal for $20.
  • A member reported using code 78254 with a Samsung T404G (Triple Minutes for Life) while activating a 1 year card with 400 minutes.  He received a total of 1,450 minutes which included a bonus of 250 minutes!
  • Another member reports the same success with code 78254  on a 1 year card.  Walked away with 1,450 minutes total.
  • Promo code 77578 did NOT work for some users, but 78254 did.
  • Rooster reports that promo code 77578 DID work for him with a 200 minute card.  He ended up with a total of 500 minutes thanks to his Double Minutes for Life phone.  That’s a bonus of 100 for the code.

Here are two NEW promo codes for February and March, 2012.

As usual, please report back with your success so that we can keep everyone updated.  Cheers!


1 Year Tracfone Card for Only 75 Dollars

The awesome deal for the 1 year Tracfone card is back!  Click the image below to purchase a 1 year Tracfone card for only $74.99 (with free shipping).  In the past few years we have have paid $99 for this card and have been happy to do so.  You are getting a better deal than we did!

Be sure to use promo code 78254 when activating this 1-year card in order to get additional minutes!

1-year TracFone card

Your pals at TracFone Club.

Working Tracfone Codes for 2012 Updated

Here is a code round-up of working codes for February, 2012.

We hope you are having a great year so far.  And now on to the promo codes.

67861 – The old favorite keeps on ticking.  You can get 60 bonus minutes on a 60 minute card.  With DMFL you end up receiving a total of 180 minutes.  You cannot beat that deal.

77578 – This code should net you 100 bonus minutes when purchasing a 200 minute card.

Buy a Tracfone LG 800g with Triple Minutes for Life – Use code 77578 to get an additional 100 bonus minutes.  You will end up with 700 minutes of air time to start!

Note! If the above 77578 code does not work, you can try using the alternate 66836.

78254 – Purchase a 1 year card with 400 minutes with a DMFL phone and receive a total of 1050 minutes!

78254 – Purchase a 1 year card with 400 minutes with a normal Tracfone phone and receive a total of 670 minutes!

It has been verified that the Tracfone 1500 minute 1 year card can be tripled (!) when used with a phone like the Tracfone Samsung T404g.  Use 67861 to nab an extra 60 minutes along the way.  Total minutes = 4560!

We hope you save some money!  Please report back with your success.


Working Tracfone Codes for 2012

Happy New Year everyone!  We hope you are making it a good one so far.  Our research monkeys have been busy coming up with a list of working codes for the new year.  So far, these are the important codes that have been deemed good and valid.  As always, please let us know of your success… or our painful failure.

Here’s what we’ve got so far.

77578 – Get at least 100 bonus minutes when activating a 200 minute card.  We say “at least” because Double Minutes for Life will increase your bonus… and some readers have been reporting EXTRA bonus minutes with this code.

67861 – 60 bonus minutes on a 60 minute card.  Some readers have been reporting upwards of 420 minutes when activating this card due to various bonuses.  Not bad for twenty bucks!

78254 – Provides bonuses when activating a 1 year card.

66836 – Get 60 bonus minutes on a 120 minute card.  More with DMFL or TMFL, of course!

21480 – Get 300 bonus minutes on a 1 year card.

58324 – Get 60 bonus minutes on a 120 minute card.

Have fun talking cheaply!

BONUS!  Our research monkeys have determined that the link below has the cheapest Tracfone deals on  We are not affiliated with them in any way, so we can’t vouch for service… but their deals are pretty sweet.  Here is the Amazon Tracfone Cheap Link.

Tracfone Holiday Promo Codes

Happy Holidays 2011

Happy Holidays everyone.  Tracfone has released a number of Holiday 2011 promo codes for your festivities.  The codes are as follows:

  • 64382 – Get 250 bonus minutes when you buy a 1 year card with Double Minutes for Life
  • 89901 – Get 200 bonus minutes with a 1 Year card
  • 34786 – Get 60 bonus minutes with a 450 minute card
  • 58420 – Get 30 bonus minutes with a 120 minute card

I hope your holiday season is merry and filled with family fun.  Cheers and have a good one!

Tracfone 1 Year Card only $75 at Amazon

Wow!  This is a great deal for those of us who like to refill our Tracfones annually instead of every 3 months.  Normally this card sells for $100, which is still a good deal!  However, right now on it is selling for $74.99 (with FREE shipping).  That is an awesome deal.  I just bought one.  Not sure if this is a Cyber Monday thing or what, but good luck!

1-year TracFone card

Get 300 Minutes and 90 Days of Service

120-Minute Tracfone Card

Hey gang, there’s a new Tracfone code in town that will net you 300 minutes and 90 days of service.  You will need Double Minutes for Life in order to take full advantage of this one.

The code is: 70826

The deal is to purchase a 120-minute Tracfone card and use this code.  Readers have been reporting that they receive 300 total minutes.

Go ahead, enjoy some extra airtime for all of your Holiday planning.  Cheers!

New Tracfone Code for 200 Minute Cards

Tracfone LG800G with Triple Minutes for Life!

A new Tracfone code aimed at 200 minute cards is making the rounds.  The code is 40305 and people have been reporting that they receive 50 bonus minutes with that code.  Not too shabby.

In other news, code 67861 still seems to be working magic with many phones and many card combinations.  One reader reported that they received a total of 340 minutes with that code while activating a 60-minute card.  Holy macaroni!

If you still have a traditional, expensive cell phone plan and you are reading this… here is the best tip to get started with Tracfone.  Purchase a Double Minutes for Life phone along with a 1-year Tracfone card.  This sets you up for an entire year and sets the stage for lots of bonus minutes throughout the year if you need to add extra minutes.




Tracfone Promo Code Round Up for Fall 2011

Here are a bunch of promo codes for September and October 2011 and their current status according to our reader results.  Some of these codes may require Double Minutes for Life (DMFL) to fully maximize their benefit.  DMFL rules, so you should make sure to acquire a DMFL Tracfone phone.

Here we go, in no particular order:

  • 67861 – use with: 60-minute card – provides: 60 bonus minutes!
  • 21480 – use with: 1-year card – provides: 300 bonus minutes! (buy card from Amazon for more savings)
  • 15758 – use with: 120-minute card – provides: 40 bonus minutes!
  • 77578 – use with: 200-minute card – provides: 100 bonus minutes!
  • 28079 – use with: 1-year card – provides: 200 bonus minutes!

Another recently popular tip is to purchase a phone combo on the Tracfone site that contains a 60-minute card.  Use the card and then sell the phone on eBay or something.  People have been reporting success with this technique.

Have fun!