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Magic Jack Contact Customer Support

If you absolutely, positively must get help from Magic Jack, try using this information:

Mailing Address

Magic Jack LP
PO Box 6846
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
Contact: Peter Russo – CFO

Street Address

5700 Georgie Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33405


  • Main Office: (561) 594-2140 – this is just a recording telling you where to get support, you can leave a message if you want.
  • Alternate: (561) 722-0433 Facsimile (561) 586-2328
  • Financial Support: (281) 404-1551 open from 11am to 8pm EST
  • Also try (561) 543-0144 or (561) 543-3905 – this one might have message to e-mail to an address given in the message.

Support manager

  • Rikard Bone
  • Email:

Magic Jack Founder


Good luck!

Does Magic Jack work with Windows 7

Reports from the field indicate that MagicJack works with Windows 7.  Here are some selected quotes:

Yep, can confirm MJ works with Windows 7 on the Release Client and more recently the retail version. No issues. I’m running a stock MJ out of the box.

And another:

I just bought Windows 7 and put it on my laptop and it works very well. I never had any real issues using magicJack with XP and or Vista and for me it seems to work even better with Windows 7.

So no worries with Magic Jack and Windows 7.

How to Fix a Broken Magic Jack Device

Magic Jack makes a Recovery Tool available for download.  Try running this tool before you pull any more of your hair out.

Let us know how it works.

Direct Link to Magic Jack Technical Support

Here is a direct link to MagicJack Tech Support so you don’t have to go through the Magic Jack website:

There you go!

How to Test a TracFone Promo Code

We just received the following comment from a reader.

Lorie says:

If you want to check if a promo code is valid, got to tracfone and register your phone and log in.  Go to where you buy your time online.  “Purchase” a card with the same amount of minutes that you are going to put on your phone and use the promo code.  If the code will not work it will tell you so.  If it works then you can just cancel the purchase and go to add air time and add your minutes and use the promo code.

Hope this helps everyone.

This is correct, but slightly strange.  This method will let you know if the code is valid by NOT telling that it doesn’t work.  All this tells you is that the code is valid, and not how many bonus minutes you will receive.


I have no idea why Lorie then directs us to cancel the purchase on the website and “go to add air time” elsewhere.  In our opinion, the TracFone website is the best and only place you want to use to add minutes to your phone.  Adding minutes to your phone… using your phone… is a risky endeavor that we do not recommend.

I miss my Nokia 1100

The venerable Nokia 1100

The venerable Nokia 1100

I really miss my TracFone Nokia 1100.  For some strange reason I decided to “upgrade” to a Motorola W376g flip phone about a year ago.   It is newer, but so much less friendly.  The Nokia 1100 battery lasted for ages!  I could go 2 weeks between charges easily.  This Motorola needs to be charged every 3 days, so I continually find myself with a dead phone.

Does anyone know where I can purchase a TracFone Nokia 1100?  I have a feeling they don’t support them anymore though.  :(

TracFone Promo Code – 40 free minutes added to a 120 minute card

We don’t believe that this code will work for anything less than a 120-minute card, but used on such a card will generate 40 bonus minutes for you!  Please let us know how it works for you by leaving a comment.

Here is the code: 26733

Actually, we have come across a number of codes that may offer the same or similar benefits.  Just in case the code above doesn’t work, go ahead and try the following codes.

40 bonus minutes on a 120-minute card: 38105

40 bonus minutes on a 120-minute card: 59292

40 bonus minutes on a 120-minute card: 28625

Good luck!

Newest TracFone Code – 60 bonus minutes on a 60-minute card

Hi folks!  Here is the latest and greatest TracFone promo code.  Use this code to get 60 BONUS minutes on a 60-minute card!  120 total minutes and 90 days of service for $19.99 is not bad.  And it’s possible that Double Minutes for Life users may actually walk away with 180 total minutes.  Please let us know how it works for you.

Here is the promo code: 14938

Please comment as to your success or problems.  Thanks!

Excellent TracFone Customer Service

Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service

We just received this comment from a reader:

Supposedly promo code 79570 is expired, but it added 30 extra min. anyway when I purchased 60 min. over the internet.  I then called Tracfone and asked why I didn’t get 90 min. and said I wanted to use promo code 14938, and she gave me 60 more min.

Now that sounds like some great customer service.  Personally, I dislike contacting customer service on the phone, but if you have no problems with it… looks like you might be able to score yourself some free minutes.

Tracfone code gives 240 minutes on a 60 minute card!

One of our readers just reported the following:

I used code 14938 with 60 min card (on 10-22-09)and somehow got 240 min total!

Right away my phone registered 60 + 60 bonus.  Then the web page said to “click here” for a pending update to my account.  It tells me to make sure my phone is on, then to turn it off and back on, and leave it on for 5 min for update to complete.  Five minutes later the phone has 120 more new minutes!!  (60 + 60 bonus again) Don’t know why that happened, but I’ll take it!  I DO NOT have dmfl or anything else…but I DO have 180 free minutes!!

So there you have it!  Keep watching for the latest reports of the best TracFone promo codes.