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Working Tracfone Promo Codes August and September 2013

It has been a while since we posted some new Tracfone promo codes, so here goes!

Working Tracfone promo codes for August and September, 2013.

74316 – 60 bonus minutes on a 200 minute Tracfone airtime card or a 120 minute Tracfone airtime card.  Many readers have reported success with this code!

72685 – 30 bonus minutes on a 60 minute Tracfone airtime card.

81146 – 40 bonus minutes on a 200 minute Tracfone airtime card.

38731 – Possible 250 bonus minutes on a 1-year 400 minute Tracfone airtime card.  Test this one first and let us know if it worked or not.  Could be a single use code.

86077 – 250 bonus minutes on a 1-year 400 minute Tracfone airtime card.

That’s about all for now.  Let’s leave it at that.  These codes should work for you,  please let us know in the comments whether or not your had success.  Cheers and good luck!

Where should I buy my airtime cards?

We find that either Ebay or Amazon offers the best deals.  We try to do the hard work for you buy linking to either store directly below based upon which one is currently cheaper.  Hopefully, you should find a deal by following the link.

As of August, 2013, the cheapest place to by a 1 Year Tracfone card with 400 minutes (plus bonus from codes above) is right here on Ebay.  If you don’t like Ebay, you can try looking on Amazon.  Prices vary daily.

Can I test the codes before I use one?

Please see our earlier posts in order to find out how to test a Tracfone code on the Tracfone website.

78 comments to Working Tracfone Promo Codes August and September 2013

  • D.L.

    Today used Promo Code 74316 on a 120 minute card and received 60 bonus minutes.

  • Art

    Used code 74316 on a 120 minute card and received 60 bonus minutes.

  • tony

    used promo code 72685 on a 60 minute card and received 30 bonus minutes.

  • Brett

    74316 – 60 bonus minutes on 200 minute card – (Still Working November 2013!)

  • KER

    72685 worked on a 60 card = 30 bonus plus 3x for total of 210 worked for me as well.

  • Chris

    72685 worked on 60 min card with TMFL fone for 210 min…
    60(card)60×3(TMFL)=180 + 30 bonus min = 210 min total….
    Thank you for the code!

  • Bob

    74316 working with 450 min card November 9, 2013
    60 mins added

  • Jill Martinez

    Bought 60 minute card for husband’s double minute phone received 150 minutes.

  • Bargain Joe

    72685 worked fine. extra 30min. on a 60min. card. Thanks. I’ll be back.

  • zard

    code 72685 worked on 11/15/2013 for 30 bonus units with a 60 unit card

  • Syn

    I just tried 67861 with a 120 minute card but it wouldn’t work. I then used 74316 with the 120 minute card and received 60 bonus minutes Also, my phone has double minutes so the total was 300 minutes (120 min. card + 120 double minutes + 60 bonus minutes)

    • Syn

      CORRECTION: For promo code 74316, used with a 120 minute card on a double minutes phone, I actually got 420 minutes!!! (120 min. card + 120 double minutes + 180 BONUS minutes). In my first comment (yesterday) I just reported the minutes that the text from Tracfone said I had received. Later on I saw that the balance on my phone was actually higher (and I know how many minutes I had before adding the card). Sorry about that!

  • RBob

    72685 worked tonight – 30 min in addition to other minutes.

  • RBob

    72685 worked tonight – 30 min in addition to other minutes with a 60 min card.

  • V damia

    promo code 38731 for Tracfone 400 min, 1 year card. Gave me a total of 1050 min. on 11/21/13.

  • tony

    just used promo code 74316 with a 200 minute card.received 60 bonus minutes.

  • Vickie

    Just used 72685 for 30 bonus minutes on a 60 minute card! 11/25/13

  • Art

    72685 just worked for me.

  • Cletus

    Warning, Long Post
    Short version: Used code 74316 on 450 minute 90 day card and appear to have received 80 bonus minutes and 60 bonus days.

    Long version:
    For the third timeI bought new Tracfone recently, again using a deal that made it cheaper to buy a new phone than adding minutes to my old one. I periodically check Amazon to look for Tracfone phones which also include minutes with the phone. On Nov 17th I bought an LG840G triple minutes phone with 1350 minutes for $89.95 + $4.99 shp/hndlg totaling $94.94. (The deal is still available as of Nov 27).

    What came in the mail a few days later, as expected, was a brand new LG840G and a 450 minute, 90 day card. Prior to activation I searched the working code list comments and found code 74316 as one that worked recently. I went to the Tracfone website, logged on, followed the procedure to transfer my old phone’s (LG800G) minutes and service days AND OLD PHONE NUMBER to my new LG840G. It’s a lengthy procedure but I followed it carefully and it worked flawlessly.

    First, Tracfone added 10 minutes to my old phone’s remaining 40 minutes. (Before I added the 450 minute card)

    Second, Tracfone added 60 days to my old phone’s 720 remaining days. (Don’t know when this took place)

    Third, it appears that code 74316 added 80 bonus minutes to the 450 minute card when I used the add airtime card screen.

    I ended up with a total of 1480 minutes and 870 service days when I expected to only get a total of 1390 minutes and 810 days.

    The biggest problem with this, as I see it, is there isn’t an easy way to transfer my contacts from the old to the new phone except manually. I only have about 25 and I wrote down them in case they disappeared but they are still on the old phone.

    You’ve gotta love this site and Tracfone too!

  • tom

    No luck with 72685 on a 60 minute card.

  • Janie


  • Joe Fresh

    Just used this coupon code: 70166 on a 60 minute card, double minutes phone, got 150 mins total :)

    Also there is 84464 for 30 bonus on 60, haven’t tried yet.
    And 40020 and 28805 are 20 bonus on 60. Good luck!

  • New guy

    35025 – On 12/20/2013, 35025 gave 250 bonus minutes on a 1-year 400 minute Tracfone airtime card. The tracfone website advertised the promode code 35025 with a purchase through their site, but we used promode code 35025 with a 1-year 400 minute Tracfone airtime card Amazon card we bought from Amazon for $94.99 on 12/11/2013.

  • Will

    Promo code 72685 did not work on 12/22/13. Maybe it is not working for December 2013.

  • Janie

    Why was my previous post of a code NOT working deleted??
    and AGAIN a code didn’t work for me TODAY…on a different phone from prev non-working code…
    code that didn’t work today was 74316 (60 bonus on a 120 min card..)Does anyone know why I keep getting refused for bonus minutes??

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