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Working Tracfone Promo Codes for 2013

We have a new, updated list of promo codes for March and April 2013 available.

Okay, here we go with some new Tracfone codes for 2013.  There has been a bit of a shake-up at Tracfone with many favorite codes becoming unavailable.  We have received a number of codes for January, 2013 that should help you score some deals for your brand new Tracfone.  You did get a new one for Christmas, right?  :)

Learn how to test Tracfone Promo codes at the bottom of this post!

UPDATE! The best deals for a 1 Year Tracfone Airtime Card a currently found on Ebay. Buying a card on Ebay is much cheaper than retail.

55698 - 50 bonus minutes on a 60 Minute Airtime Card!  This one might be “iffy”.  Check it out for yourself and report back.  Some people get 50 bonus minutes while others get 20.

74316 - 60 bonus minutes on a 200 Minute Airtime Card.  Also works for 120 Minute Airtime Card.

40020 - 20 bonus minutes on a 60 Minute Airtime Card.

86077 – 250 bonus minutes on a 1 Year of Service & 400 Minute Airtime Card.

84464 - 30 bonus minutes on a 60 Minute Airtime Card.  This one might be questionable.  Please report success.

28805 - 20 bonus minutes on a 60 Minute Airtime Card.  Possibly expires 1/31/2013.

This is all we’ve got for 2013 so far!  Yikes.  Tracfone might be trying to reign in their code collection for the new year.


How to Test Tracfone Promo Codes

  1. Go to and select “Add Airtime / Buy Online“.
  2. Click the GO button under “Pay as you Go“.
  3. Select the correct card from the list for your target code.
  4. Enter your phone number and the promo code on the right, and select checkout.

If the code is BAD the page will reload and have the red error box.

If the code is GOOD the page will progress to the checkout page.


Now you can add the airtime with the code from your phone or go back and choose the “add card online” option.  Keep in mind, there will never be a validation of double or triple minutes.

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