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What’s the deal with Tracfone 90-minute cards?

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TracFone Club member Birdi provides the following information about 90-minute Tracfone cards and their associated codes.  Thanks for the tips, Birdi!

Some old 90 minute cards have resurfaced.

Last week I purchased a 90 minute card for $25 at the local Walmart. There were a bunch of them at the end of a checkout aisle. There were no 90 minute cards in the regular electronics department. I thought perhaps it was something new. When I returned home to look up the promo code, I found nothing, and eventually learned the 90 minute card was discontinued in 2006. I had bought a stale old card! I wonder where those oldies were dredged up.

I wrote to Tracfone through the forum. Resolution was slow since the CSR went home as soon as she sent the first reply and didn’t return for 2 days. The reply from Tracfone:

“The 90 minute airtime card is no longer available from our website but it still available on the retailer stores until supply lasts. Therefore, you can use a promo code that is valid for 60 minute airtime card because most of them can be avail by adding the 60 minute airtime card or above. So if you will find a valid promo code for 60 minute airtime online, contact us, provide us with the promo code and we’ll add the bonus minutes for you. We hope this helps. Thank you.”

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