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Tracfone Promo Codes for August 2012

And we are back with a bunch of Tracfone promo codes for August 2012!  We’ve also discovered that a couple of other websites are stealing our posts nearly word for word.  Yes, we see you.  It’s not a nice, but we are flattered none the less.  Cheers.

So who wants some codes?  As always, please let us know how a promo code performs for you by leaving a comment.

If you don’t already have Double Minutes for Life, you can add it to your current phone for as little as $10.  Don’t even think twice about doing this.  Heck, if you need a new phone, you should check out Tracfones that offer Triple Minutes for Life!

Here are the Tracfone promo codes that are tried and true:

  • 67861 – 60 bonus minutes on a 60 Minute Airtime Card!  This code apparently also works with 200 minute cards.  Some people report using this code many, many times.  Others don’t seem to have as much luck.  The success to failure ratio is very high.  95% success rate.  This code ALSO works for 120 minute cards!
  • 77578 – 100 bonus minutes on a 200 minute card.

Here’s a note from a happy member:

Both codes I tried worked – 94074 for 120 minute card and 22573 for 1 year card. Thanks!

Another happy member!

Just bought an LG800 that came with a 400 minute, one-year card. The phone has triple minutes, so that came to 1200 minutes, plus, I used code 86077 and ended up with 1550 minutes all together. That is somehow more than the 250 minutes listed for that code, but I’m not going to complain.

The codes below get mixed reviews.  Try them and let us know how they work.

Our Tracfone promo code posts seem to get longer and longer each time.  Hopefully they are helping you save money.  We are a 2 person operation, so if you feel like you want to give us a hand… hit that little donate button in the upper right!  We love ya.

Hope you are having a great Summer!

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