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Tracfone Promo Codes for April 2012

Hi everyone!  Happy Spring.  We’ve got a bunch of Tracfone codes that are currently generating tons of extra minutes for everyone.  See below:

First, just a note about the $75 deal for a 1-year Tracfone card on Amazon.  This deal comes and goes.  We will post about it when it is active, and not post about it when it is a bad deal.  :)  It is currently going for something like $119, which is a poor deal.  We will let you know when it is back on sale.  Now on to the codes!

The current Hot Tracfone phone is the LG 800G Triple Minutes for Life phone.  GET THIS PHONE!

Here are Tracfone promo codes that are working for April 2012:

  • 78254 using this code with a 1 year/400 minute card will net you upwards of 1450 minutes with a triple minutes phone!  The promo code alone is worth 250 bonus minutes.
  • 67861 is a classic promo code that will get you 60 bonus minutes with a 60-minute card!  We have reports of it working multiple times per person.
  • 77578 should work with 200-minute cards and provide you with 100 bonus minutes.  While we do not have full confidence in this code, it has been verified by at least a few people.  Please comment with your results.
  • 67861 will also work with 120-minute Tracfone cards!  It will get you 60 bonus minutes.

Tracfone Shopping Code:

  • 68433 will get you $10 off of your order.  May require a $50 purchase.

Tracfone TIP from a Tracfone insider:

Codes are NOT phone specific.  Tracfone has periodic trouble with their system, including rejecting working codes.   Try again later and the code will be accepted.  Sometimes using a different computer or browser works as well.

97 comments to Tracfone Promo Codes for April 2012

  • Alex

    67861 worked 04/17/12. I purchased a 60 minute and get 60 minutes free with this promo code.

    • Brad

      I am a new Tracfone user. I have a double minutes phone. Of I buy a 60 minute card, should it show that I got 120 minutes before I pay with my CC? Also, if I use the promo code 67861 – which gives me an additional 60 minutes – would I get 240 minutes? I am confused how this works. Trackfone shows that I am only geting 60 minutes – nothing more.

      • Cletus

        The 60 minute card will double when you add it to your double minutes phone. The promo code should be used at the time you add your 60 minute card. If the code is still valid, you will get the additional 60 minutes. 60 min card + 60 double min phone + 60 promo = 180 total minutes. The purchase of a 60 minute card with a credit card will just be a purchase of a 60 minute card. The additional minutes will show when the minutes card is applied to your phone.

  • geeraff

    77578 worked on my 200 min. purchase to give me 100 extra min.

  • Nancy B

    Just tried code 77578 with a 200 min. tracfone card and it did net me 100 bonus min….thanks so much for the number you folks are awesome. April 18,2012

  • Dorotha

    I have tried the 77578 code several times and it won’t work. I have an older tracfone. Could that be the reason?

  • Steve

    77578 worked for 100 minutes on 200 min card.

  • MRK

    tried promo code 77578 and it worked successfully for an additional 100 minutes thanks

  • Kiesha

    79163 worked on a 60 minute card and gave me a total of 140 minutes.

  • WooWoo

    77578 added an extra 100 minutes to my 200 card. Triple minutes + 100 = 700 minutes

  • Just used 67861 for 60 free minutes.

  • Joe

    Tried promo 77578 it “DID NOT” work states contact customer care aka welcome to india and you need to phones to complete this transaction while on the phone w/ customer care. While this is all good for some people, that have minutes to spare – which I do not have. Just so every one understands, they use your minutes even for customer care calls.

  • Andres F

    Hola Que Tal Tengo Tiempo Usando Todos Los Codigos de las Tarjetas de 200 minutos yo y mi Esposa Tenemos Telefonos LG Que Triplican los Minutos y Siempre Me han Funcionado los codigos de 200

  • Kay

    77578 worked for an additional 100 minutes for the 200 card. Thank you so much

  • thank you, i just used promo code 77578 for 200 minute card and received 500 total minutes, double + 100 bonus
    thanks again

  • Karen

    This sight ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just used promo code 67861 on a 60 min. tracfone card and before I added airtime I only had 2 minutes left but…………..after…………..I now have 182 minutes with 201 service days left. WOW! Thank you all! It seems to me that you are better off buying a 60 min. card using the above code, I think it’s a better deal for $19.99. Happy Spring!

  • WmcL

    I just used 67861 code with my 60 min card and got my 60 bonus min! I paid 19.88 for the card at Walmart too.

    I used my phone with the phone card to enter the code becuase when I was trying to buy 60 min online the code wouldn’t work. And 60 min online was about .25 more.

    I have a old phone it’s Kyocera K126C, and it still worked, just goes to show you don’t need a fancy phone to get the bonus min! 4/22/12

  • Fuzzo

    78761 not valid on a 60 minute card on 4-22-12

  • Ruth

    77578 just worked: 200 min card on LG800g, triple min = 100 bonus netted 700 min. So glad you guys are here! Thanks!

  • LoAn

    77578 worked for me today for 100 bonus! Thanks!

  • JEN

    HI I am new to tracfone so a few questions please! If I purchase a phone under the zip code I need to use most will it work under my permanent address? It is not offered under permanent address on trac site. And also as far as codes go when do I apply the code to get the bonus minutes you talkabout.I’m looking at the LG800g,tired of paying all the money on the monthly bills.FYI:I want to purchase the 400 min 1 year card but havent purchased the phones yet.Thanks!!

  • TB

    77578 on the 200 minute card worked for me

  • BlueGhost

    77578 code worked with 200 min. card. 100 bonus min’s!

  • David

    67861 worked. Total of 120 minutes with a 60 minute card, 27 April 2012.

  • DoDeBo

    78254 worked for 250 bonus minutes on a 1 year, 400 minute card. Got the 1 year/400 min. card on Amazon for $79.99 + shipping. Ended up with 1050 minutes for $.08/minute….

  • sdawson

    77578 worked fro me with 200 Minute card on my phone. I have double minutes on the phone, and just got 200 + 300 minutes = 500 minutes for $40.

  • NG

    Promo Code 67861 with 60 mins cards worked for me.. got the the total 180 mins with double mins.. Thanks

  • A Grout

    I am new to TracFone again I was told that if I got a Triple minute phone promo codes would not work. But from what I’ve been reading they do work.. The 77578 promo works w/the 200 minute card.. Are there other codes that will work for the triple minute phones I have the Samsung R455C..Should I just keep trying promo codes to see if they work? Also are there other sites that have working promo codes. I am very new to hunting down promo codes.. THank You in Advance A Grout :)

  • Harrison

    67861 worked for me. I got 180 min with 60 min card.

  • Free 100 min for a 200 min card worked for me. code 77578

  • roudkup

    just used the 67861 code on a 60min card only got my double mins not the extra. did not work

  • Linda

    Just used 77578 on a 200 minute card and received 500 minutes….200 from the card, 200 double minutes for life, and 100 bonus minutes from 77578.

  • JL Schnabel

    I tried to use 77578 for 200 minute card and it didn’t work.

  • Bren

    Promo code # 77578 did NOT work for me today,(May 1st, 2012) recording advised that number had been used as much as allowed..dang!! lol

  • I can Confirm that the code 67861 still works on 05/01 with a 60 mins. card. Happy Birthday to me! LOL!

  • Olde

    77578 – worked on 5/2/12

  • Jesse

    I used code 67861 with a 60 minute card, then upgraded by adding 60 additional minutes on the tracfone website. Total haul 360 minutes.

  • katarina

    I used 77578 on 05/02/12 and it worked. I got 100 bonus minutes. I really want iPhone though :(

  • christine

    I used 77875 on 5/6/12 and it worked. I got 700 mins total on my TMFL phone. Thanks!

  • AngelaT

    I just used 77578 on 5/7/12 and it worked. Thanks!

  • Jackie

    I got 100 bonus minutes today (5/08/2012)when I used 77578 with a 2oo minute card on my TMFL phone.

  • petra

    I just used 67861 for 60 bonus minutes with a 60 min card. It is the *4th time* I have used this code on this phone for 60 bonus minutes!

  • Bob

    5/23/12: Just netted an additional 250 minutes on a 1Yr/400′ card using promo 86077. Great website! Literally providing cash value generating information via the promo codes.

  • Naoko

    67861 works as of 5/29/2012.

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