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New Tracfone Code for 200 Minute Cards

Tracfone LG800G with Triple Minutes for Life!

A new Tracfone code aimed at 200 minute cards is making the rounds.  The code is 40305 and people have been reporting that they receive 50 bonus minutes with that code.  Not too shabby.

In other news, code 67861 still seems to be working magic with many phones and many card combinations.  One reader reported that they received a total of 340 minutes with that code while activating a 60-minute card.  Holy macaroni!

If you still have a traditional, expensive cell phone plan and you are reading this… here is the best tip to get started with Tracfone.  Purchase a Double Minutes for Life phone along with a 1-year Tracfone card.  This sets you up for an entire year and sets the stage for lots of bonus minutes throughout the year if you need to add extra minutes.




23 comments to New Tracfone Code for 200 Minute Cards

  • Rod

    I just used code 21480 and got 320 bonus minutes (1120 total w/ DMFL)

  • Susan Blackwell

    Tried both codes and got no extra time. Will check back in a few days for something else

  • Photographic proof that code 67861 worked for me! :)

  • Kanina

    Just used 67861 when purchasing 60 min. card (dmfl)…spent extra $10 to get 60 min. more…bottom line, got 300 min. total!

  • DanO

    Tried to use 21480 and 77578 for a 200 min purchase and it didnt work – ‘promo code doesnt work for this phone’. Tried to resubmit many times but no success. Finally used the 60 min card bonus code 67861 to live dangerously – and got the 60 bonus on the 200 min card purchase. 460 mins /DMFL/ for 40$ – 9 cents per min.

    Love the site!

    • Rob

      DanO, unfortunately,TracFone only lets us use these promo codes a few times on each phone.At least they keep publishing new codes. Here’s a new promo code for the 200 min phone cards, # 66836. It will get you 100 bonus mins.Also code # 81898 will net you 80mins on the 200 min card. Good luck guy!

      • MrsBonusRob200min

        Hi “Rob”
        If you have frequent GOOD LUCK w/ GENEROUS FREE Min-Bonus Codes for 200-min(DMFL)cards – Pls send to me ASAP anytime you have SUCCESS ! TY ;)

  • I just bought a 200 minute card on line from Walmart and they email you the code. I have double minutes for life on my phone. I put on the minutes code along with 77578 code from your website and got a total of 500 minutes!! I’m happy with that. Code worked just fine and much better than the bonus codes I got with my phone.

  • julie

    I used this code for 60 min and added an extra 60 for $10 … I ended up with 460 mins!!!

  • Pinger

    Used the 67861 code for 60 free on a 200 minute card dmfl for total of 460 minutes.

  • Connieh

    Used code 77578 on a 200 minute card purchased from Walmart and received 500 total minutes. Thanks, that was 100 free minutes.

  • kara

    I purchased A 200 min card and used code 40305 and got 250 bonus minutes. Wooohoo. Maybe because its xmas, but read it was going to be 50 minutes.

  • Rachel

    Well… Tracfone now offers triple minute phones. I just bought a 120 min. card, used code 67861 and got 300 bonus min. Thats a total of 420 min. for $30. Best deal yet. 12/26/2011.

  • I purchased a 200 min card and used code 67861 and got 460 total minutes on 01/01/2012.

  • Carrie

    200 minute card & promo code 77578 gave me 300 bonus min. for a total of 500 minutes. 1/4/12

  • Mike

    I bought the 200 Minute card and used code 77578, it the extra 100 minutes. I have double minutes for life on this phone, so the total was 500 minutes.

  • carol owens

    I just used promo code #77578 for 100 bonus minutes with a 200 minute card!! WOW~ it worked!!

  • mk

    2/6/12: code 7758 = 100 bonus mins when you purchase 200 mins. If you have DMFL it’s 500 mins for $40.

  • Rob

    Just got my Lg800g phone from TracFone,$39.99 & free overnight shipping. I now get TRIPLE mins. for life, on my phone card purchases.I bought my card at a chain grocery store that gives 10 cents off,gal gas at Sunoco stations for every $50. you spend. Used my DiscoverCard ,for my cash-back bonus.I used promo code # 77578 when i added my airtime pin to my new phone. I received 700 mins for my $ card. Also got 20 extra mins. from TracFone for set-up time, i did online, and they also gave me 150 service days(5 months)to start with. It’s the best deal yet from TracFone!!!!

  • mike5026

    Tried code 67681 I got a total minutes of 660 mins from 200 minute card! Basically I got 460 bonus minutes! How awesome is that!

  • kobee

    nothing happend

  • how do i use the code? do i need to press a series of numbers 2 get into a special menu, or do the just dial the code like a phone number …. and tada i got free minutes? or do i call the refil # then enter the code like a prepaid pin????? please help!

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