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Do you have too many Tracfone minutes?

One of my close family members is also a Tracfone user.  The other day I told him to “remember to go to before adding minutes to your phone.”  He looked at me in amazement and said something like, “why do I need more minutes?  I have more than I can possibly use already.  What I need is service time.”

That was actually a good point.  With all of the various Tracfone promo codes available, I’m actually in the same boat as him.  I’ve got more minutes than I know what to do with.  If I didn’t have to worry about service time I could probably have enough minutes to carry me through 2 years of phone usage.

I have personally never seen a Tracfone code that offers to extend service time… but that would be sweet.  Though I’m pretty sure that’s sorta the basis of their entire promo model… not to provide extended service time.  But who knows,  perhaps it could happen.  Keep yer eyes peeled.

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  • K

    If you log onto their website-you can purchase additional 30 day service plan for 5.99

  • FBUser

    I just purchased airtime and noticed one of the “SuperSize Your Purchase” extras they offer at checkout is 365 extra days of service for $49.99- that might help. I think it’s only offered as an add-on; that is, I don’t see the option to buy a year of time without minutes offered anywhere else on the site.

    • Team

      Awesome! Thanks for the information. I went looking on the Tracfone site for the Service-Only option and couldn’t find it. Now I know that I can possibly add it in as an option the next time I add minutes. Cheers.

    • Pam

      I as well have minutes I will never use and just need the airtime. I tried the “Supersize your purchase.” I purchased the smallest card, 30 min and then added the supersize and saved a good bit of money. Thanks for the hint!

  • Alan

    agree with FBUser,
    I just got 60min card (tripled upto 180min) with the extra 365 days. service good for 15 months now.

  • Dave

    You need to sign up for their service protection plan. It doesn’t cost anything, you basically just sign up so when you do not add minutes to your phone, it will just automatically add 30 days of service to your phone for like $6 a month

  • Jerry

    The service plan at $6 month is not really good value when you can get a 60 min. card and 90 days for 19.99 (that is 6.50 month). I guess the supersize at 49.99 is not bad ($4 month).

  • There is NO such thing as having too many Tracfone minutes. I use my Tracfone as litle as possible, yet a couple of people I know talk AT LENGTH on my cell, despite my rule of no call over 3 minutes. I usually add a 60 minute card only when I get down past 60 mins or less (I used to buy the 30 min cards almost every week when I first got my phone) & I add a 120 minute card in case of longer-than-usual use.

  • Krista

    A few years ago my husband had too many minutes accumulating on his Tracfone, while I was running out of minutes on mine. So I called Tracfone and they gladly transferred the minutes to my Tracfone instead. It is worth a phone call if someone else in the family could use a few extra minutes.

    • christina

      wow…wish i would have had your sales rep,,,they just sent me a new sim card when i reactivated my phone,,glad it just stays in the car for emergancy’s,and thats it.and i won’t reactivate it ever again

  • Peter

    A friend of mine had been buying cards for a tracfone she was not even using for almost two years (she had a work phone she used all the time.) About a year ago, we worked out a deal where I paid her like $20 and she shut off her tracfone and transferred the entire 1750 minutes to my phone. I activated the Service Protection Plan so that I don’t have to worry about my days, and am very happy. To me, $6 a month is a much better deal when I do not need the minutes … why would I want to buy them if not needed, right? It’s definitely the way to go!

  • greg

    where is everyone getting bonus minutes? I have service to 2013, but cant find bonus minutes.

    • Raven

      In any search engine type “Tracfone bonus code 60 minute” 120 minute, 200 minute….. Go to any site and copy down the 5 digit bonus code corresponding to the card you have bought. When you enter the card PIN, next it asks if you have a promo code, say yes and enter it.

      60 minute card, Double minutes 60 minutes, and 60 minute bonus code. 180 minutes on a 60 minute card.

    • Terri

      google…tracfone promotion’s according to how many min’s you buy. i usally add 60 mins online and then with a promo code, will double to 180 mins

  • joseph

    That would be great to offet an extended srvice. I actually had the first available
    tracfone with a camera and it must of had a glitch in it cause I got so many cards and it would keep extending my service. And I actually got as far as two years of extended service I wish I still had that phone. It got mildly wet one day and most the buttons quit workijg

  • christina

    my older trac fone had 174 min. left on it when the days ran out on 3-2011,,,I called to see if there was any way that the min’s could be transfered over when i re-activate the phone,,,and was told NO,,i was so went with a safelink phone instead,,now my 3 girls want tracfones for christmas,,I never have done so much research for a silly phone,,,but i am worried that they would get BURNED like I did.that is alot of money that i spent on min’s any i say they SHOULD last for a year no matter how many you buy.

  • Gabi

    does it accumulates minutes if you don’t use them ? or is thht the insurance one ??

  • Hector

    Several years ago tracfone used to have plenty of promos to add service days. At one point I had almost two years of service days. I noticed about about two years ago that I wasn’t seeing anymore service day promos, only added minutes. now they are forcing you to buy airtime every 90 days. better for their business model.

  • Linda Ray

    When I ordered my new phone, I lost my phone and it ha like 400 minutes on it. But; when I ordered this phone about a month ago, I was suppose to have gotten 400 minutes on it. All I got was 410 minutrs.They transferred my minutes but; didn’t give me the extra minutes. With the phone $19.99 ets I got double minutes for life, but didn’t get my other minutes that they had advertised with the phone. Thanks, just wante to express my complaint.

  • Debbie

    I got a new Tracfone yesterday and wanted to keep my old Tracfone just for business purposes. I activated the new phone and called Tracfone to transfer MOST of my minutes from the old phone to the new phone. I was told I had to transfer ALL the minutes from my old phone to my new phone and thereby deactivating the old phone. I had 700 minutes and an expiration date of 2017 on the old phone. If I deactivated that phone, I’d lose all that time. I told Tracfone that was just plain STUPID. Now I have to start all over again with my new phone. Anyone have any ideas?


    You could sell it to me instead?

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