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Need some extra minutes? 40 Bonus!

Looking for a little more than a 60 minute car?  Well you are in luck because we’ve got code here that will get you 40 bonus minuted the 120 minute card that you are about to purchase.

Short and sweet: 85147

Have a great day!

4 comments to Need some extra minutes? 40 Bonus!

  • Michael

    Tracfone is the best !! Wish you would make a phone with a QWERTY keyboard and a dollar a day internet like “that” other company that’s about to discontinue the Sidekick.

  • Cat

    4-4-11 I jst used 1 year and got 200 bonus coupons for a total of 1000 minutes. Code 40413

  • Judy

    April * promo codes – Get 30 bonus minutes on 120 min card Promo Code 88827
    50 bonus minutes on a 2oo min card – Promo Code 86290

    May * 20 bonus min on a 120 min card – Promo Code 81502
    40 bonus min on a 200 min card – Promo Code 80033

    More later. Enjoy..

  • Lisa

    Code 85147 bonus minute code DOES NOT work. Only got the double minutes on my phone no additional…wish I would have known this BEFORE I added the minutes now I am just screwed. Information NEEDS to be updated once in a while!

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