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Ooma the Magic Jack Alternative

Are you fed up with Magic Jack?  Try Ooma!

You might want to consider trying Ooma, the Magic Jack alternative with actual customer service!  Sure, the initial cost is greater, but read the 600+ negative comments about Magic Jack and perhaps you’ll think it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Buy an Ooma Telo and get crystal-clear unlimited free U.S. calling with your Internet connection and existing home phone. You pay only applicable taxes and fees. Unlimited calls are subject to normal residential usage limitations.

Ooma has a number of awesome VoIP phones to choose from.  Check these out:

10 comments to Ooma the Magic Jack Alternative

  • John

    I have had Magic jack for years and it is fantastic.
    I must have spent at least a thousand of hours talking all across the country with no problems.
    I pay just a little over $12 a year because i went for 4 years for $50
    Sure you have to have high speed internet like with others but no tax or any other fees. All the other ones cost so much more. MJ has it’s own network.

    • Hiya John,

      Count yourself among the lucky few. Magic Jacks various failings have cause more rancor and hate in its customers than I have ever seen from any other company.

      • Dave

        Actually the complaints are the exception and not the rule. We are talking about millions of users and reviews and complaints are minimal compared to the totality of users.

  • Mike

    As Florida retirees we considered MJ BUT when I checked a little closer I found that all calls in/out that we would have made via MJ were long distance to connect with their supposed wonderful network! No MJ switch (or whatever?) in our town of Vero Beach, all MJ’s routed to Fort Pierce! So where’s the bloody savings on that MJ ?
    So we didn’t move on that – Tracfone sounded tempting until I found out the litany of complaints there PLUS it’s a totally Mexican owned company with their support( ? ) people spread through Guatemala and Honduras with their supervisors in the PI (Philippines !
    No way Out?

  • Robert

    Majicjack worked well for me UNTIL!

    Worked well until I travelled to Moscow. Tried adding some credit to my profile and they blocked my account. Contacted them via chat and email for weeks and no response. My USB device is worthless now since I can’t renew the service.

    MJ is ok if u only want to make US calls.

  • John W

    While overall the service has been decent, especially for the price… However, I tried to do my annual renewal. It will not take!? Chat support has provided no help, they just continual give me mostly programmed responses and no help.. Going on 48 hours and nothing, not even a response that tech is working on it… So I am looking for alternative.

  • MJ is not the best and their advertising is not as they say: you don’t get free calling with other MJ users around the world or even part of the world. They don’t have live chat. They have canned responses that make you wait 5 to 10 minutes between each question. Their renewal process doesn’t work. You would think they would be all out helpful to get your money except they can’t do it.

    I too want an alternative.

    • Bill

      Nothing has changed as of October 2013, my MJ has been unusable for 4 days now because they cannot figure out how to “review” my account so that I have the privilege of paying them to renew. MJ has as bad a customer service as any I’ve encountered. Searching alternatives now.

  • Deebo

    Magic Jack is absolutely the worst!! They sucker you in with supposedly the cheap yearly cost , then surprise you with “you have to renew your number) pay us 10.00 to have a number!! WTF? Then the donkey’s they hire for their live help are absolutely useless… and will not help you in any way! They may as well just say ” good afternoon and go F…k yourself!” I called their phone number after massive internet searching and got another buffoon who tried to tell me that even though I paid in june ( credit card statement in front of me) that was for the year before! I said ” no… I never got any notice or any info that I had to pay for my number… so when i did get a notice.. I paid!” ” You’re not gonna charge me for years gone by, that’s for damn sure!!”


  • Charles

    Magic Jack will “throttle” the service, means if you are on phone over an hour they will cut you off and prevent you from calling back for a while which is a pain in the f-ing neck. Further, I ordered the “Magicjack Plus” which didn’t work and could not find anyone to talk to to send it back to. Never dreamed it would not work unlike the old device that worked on my “dry loop line”. So, I called my credit card company who could not find anyone to talk to either and charged it back (this is over a year ago). Then suddenly over a year later they refused to renew without me having to pay for the useless piece of junk PLUS AN EXTRA FEE! WHAT A MESS! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I HATE THOSE JERKS!

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