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Tracfone Promo Code – Get 210 Minutes from a 90 Minute Card!

Wow!  A reader reports that she received 210 total minutes after buying a 90-minute Tracfone card.  She also claims that she does NOT have Double Minutes for Life.  If true, this could be an awesome deal!

She used code: 94883

As usual, please let us know how this works out for you!  Cheers!

24 comments to Tracfone Promo Code – Get 210 Minutes from a 90 Minute Card!

  • This is probably put on by tracfone. I used it and only got 30 mins, when I had a different code for 40 mins… If it is too good to be true, it is… Doesn’t work

  • Owl

    I am looking at the Tracfone website and I do not see a 90 min card available.

  • Dee

    Tried the 94883 code today with a 90 min card and it no longer works.

  • RC

    Correct, only provided 30 bonus minutes. purchased 60 minute card

  • RC

    I have DMFL, the promo code works.

    I had 28 mins left.
    There was 90 min option on the TracFone website so I bought 60mins + 90 days. I received 60mins + 60mins + 30 mins! + 90 days.
    Total mins = 28(start) + 60 + 60 +30 = 178 mins total.
    It looks like I received an extar 30 mins somewhere. Go figure.


    The code for the 90 min card 94883 did not add any promo min to my DMFL Tracphone,but did ask me to call customer care to complete my the transaction. If I have success, I will update my findings.

  • Lynda

    I used this promo code 94883 on a 60 minute card today and got 70 free minutes – March 27, 2011

  • Nicole

    I have a double your mins card and bought a 90 min card and got 300 total minutes! worked great. thanks much!!!

  • Ro

    tried this on my dmfl and it said it was not valid

  • PIK

    A reader reports that she received 210 total minutes after buying a 90-minute Tracfone card. She also claims that she does NOT have Double Minutes for Life. If true, this could be an awesome deal!

    CONCLUSION::: The poster DID have DMFL because it only adds 30 minutes. She either had DMFL automatically added when she bought the phone or is new to tracfone and didn’t realize she only got 30 mins.

    It works with a 450 card as of 8/17/11 but you’ll only get 30 mins….

    If you want 100 bonus mins try 77578 for 450 mins (it might work on lower min cards, too). 1,000 total mins = 77578

  • Mike

    I received 90 free minutes with my purchased 90 minutes by using 94883 for a total of 180 minutes. Thanks!

  • that promo code didnot work 94883 sucks…

  • Zayku

    DID NOT WORK. 04/10/2012. DMFL phone 90 minute card.

  • Anthony

    I bought a $10 tracfone and transferred my old minutes over (something like 2 minutes). Instead of having my minutes transferred over I got 320 free minutes and 320 days…


    IT WORKED 250 min on 90 min CARD

  • leeanne

    i purchased a 90 minute card and put this code 94883 it gave me 250 minutes :)))))) thank you

  • leeanne

    oh the date was oct 19 2012

  • Tish

    4/6/13 – used on a phone that is no longer double minutes (was supposed to be “for life” but they told us since it was deactivated and then reactivated it would no longer double cards – gee thanks tracfone!!) anyways used this code on a 90 min card and got 110 bonus for a total off 200 minutes! THANK YOU!

  • on december 31,2013 i used the promo code 94883 and a 90 minute card and had gotten 228 free minutes added to my phone thanks tracphone, your the best. at work they tell me to goto straight talk but i like my trac phone the best.

  • Is there a way I can get help with getting a 1 year tracfone card I don’t have the money to get it with n I’d like to ask if there is a away u can send me the pin n promo code please I need help

  • It worked for me just minutes ago. April 19, 2010 @ 8:30 pm Eastern Standard time.

  • Rob Wells

    Hi all. Have 2 new deals for min cards on Shop Cell Deals store.There’s 450 min/90 days for $ 72.99 & 200 min/90 days for 31.99. Pin cards are sent via mail. You’ll pay NO sales tax or postage either. Shop Cell Deals also sells the 4 newest Tracfone Android phones- all are triple min. phones too. Check out the phone/ min prices, for a better deal, like i did-and made my purchase. Good luck & don’t forget to add any Promo Codes to your phones!!!

  • nicole

    Just used #94883 and got 90 min extra on a 90 min card and this is NOT a double min phone or card. ;)

  • Wayne

    Just used #94883, 90 minute card, received 180 bonus minutes and 90 days. 23 October 14.

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