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Tracfone - Get 200 Minutes on a 60-Minute Card!

One of our readers, Tracy, suggests using the following code to get 200 minutes out of a 60-minute Tracfone card.  I’m currently on the 1-year card right now so I can’t try it out.  Please comment after trying out this code.  Let us know how many minutes you receive!

Okay, you will need a 60-minute card and the following promo code:


Here are Tracy’s comments:

Try 93453 on 60 min card it will give you 200 bonus units.  I just used this code with a 60 min card on my daughters DMFL phone and she got 120 mins plus 200 bonus mins for a total of 320 mins for $20.00, hell it would be worth it to go out and buy antoher card right off it’s not like you wont use the mins.

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