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How to Test a TracFone Promo Code

We just received the following comment from a reader.

Lorie says:

If you want to check if a promo code is valid, got to tracfone and register your phone and log in.  Go to where you buy your time online.  “Purchase” a card with the same amount of minutes that you are going to put on your phone and use the promo code.  If the code will not work it will tell you so.  If it works then you can just cancel the purchase and go to add air time and add your minutes and use the promo code.

Hope this helps everyone.

This is correct, but slightly strange.  This method will let you know if the code is valid by NOT telling that it doesn’t work.  All this tells you is that the code is valid, and not how many bonus minutes you will receive.


I have no idea why Lorie then directs us to cancel the purchase on the website and “go to add air time” elsewhere.  In our opinion, the TracFone website is the best and only place you want to use to add minutes to your phone.  Adding minutes to your phone… using your phone… is a risky endeavor that we do not recommend.

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